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Kara took care of my mother-in-law, who has severe dementia. She struggles with significant memory loss, confusion of environment and time, anxiety, heavy emotions, and requires help with daily activities and personal care. In addition to helping her physically, each week, Kara came with new activities: watercolors, question books, knitting, or nail polish. We aren't sure if she knew Kara was a hired caregiver or not; she saw her as “her friend" who enjoyed spending time with her. 

She gave our family a gift of security while we were away and my mother-in-law the gifts of feeling, valued, safe, and respected. Aside from the degree of skills and experience Kara has, she is patient, kind, and respectful. She values her work and seeks new ways to meet her clients and their families where they are at.

Shari Fitzgerald


Kara provided care for my 90 year old mother that was not only professional with an eye to important caregiving details such as slight symptom changes, timely medication management, and safe walker and wheelchair transport, but all this was done with a presence of tenderness and kindness. Kara was ever-patient whether it was spending hours with my mom reading crossword puzzle questions or reading the beginnings of piles of books trying to find one my mother liked. Kara often did her own research on topics related to best care practices for my mother’s vision and memory problems or research on topics that piqued my mother’s interest. I knew my mother’s care needs were being well attended to and my mother felt cared about in Kara’s charge. Neither of us could have asked for more. Given the high standard of care that Kara hold herself to, I can only imagine that anyone in her employ will be chosen with, and held to, the same high quality of care.


“I can enthusiastically recommend Kara as a caregiver.  In the spring of 2021, I fell fracturing my spine in three locations and breaking three ribs.  At the age of 85, I was facing a long and hard recovery.  My wife is certainly a capable and caring person, but after several months she was wearing down and needed help.  Finding Kara was a real blessing.  Progressing from giving me a shower, fixing lunch and being a sensitive companion, to being there when I showered and taking me first for short walks with a firm arm for support to longer walks using a cane, Kara was able to handle what was needed. 
As a caregiver, Kara is knowledgeable, strong and capable.  She is a beautiful person inside and out which facilitated my healing. 
Bill Collins”


I can't recommend Kara enough. I am wheelchair bound, with no use in my legs. Kara was more then capable to provide safe and comfortable transfers and was ready to take on anything I needed help with. She was more than a caregiver, she became a life long friend. She continues to check in with me to  make sure that I am well taken care of. I believe that Kara will go above and beyond for every client she takes on. I always knew that my day would be a little easier and a little brighter when Kara was coming. I can confidently recommend Kara and anyone she chooses to add to her team.

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